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    For frequent visotors of YTMND or any other fans of it..

    im sure a few of you have seen this one...

    I seem to frequent YTMND a lot now...

    this ytmnd made me shed a tear of laughter. Especially after seeing a bunch of the fads that have gone though the site

    ----> http://cheerstoyourthemannowdog.ytmnd.com/ <-----
    (Load picture and sound first, then hit refresh)

    Edited title

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    Already seen about 50 times. Most people wont get the humor behind each fad reference either.

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    Rofl I had forgot about a lot of those.

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    So I go to ytmnd.com's front page, and what do I see in the random ytmnd column? This: http://xavier.ytmnd.com/

    What the hell?

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    Umm.. Pete, has your sig been hanging out with Niro's sig lately?


    WTF MAN!?

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