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    As quoted on Allakhazam, if only this was Live.....

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    [removed broken link]

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    And I just wrote an e-mail to Jack Thompson. Waiting to see if he'll take my e-mail just like he has taken the majority of e-mails from every other gamer who has e-mailed him.

    Edit: Damn, his comcast e-mail doesn't work anymore. If anyone knows his new e-mail, PM me.

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    That 14 year old just gave my college education penis envy.

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    Jack Thompson is just too easy to make fun of these days. What's interesting is that he did a phone interview with GamePolitics.com about a month back. He was calm, rational, stated his opinions and the reasons he was doing what he did, and he seemed like a normal guy. I even agreed with him on a couple points.

    ... And then he turns around, pulls a stunt like this and destroys any shred of credibility he might have had. I swear, the guy is insane. Oh well, at least it's entertaining to watch.

    Edit: fixed link

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    should look at my topic.. or just go to http://www.penny-arcade.com and read the front page starting with the second section.


    memo says For Jack Thompson because Jack Thompson Won't

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    Quote Originally Posted by CAD
    The Numbers clearly show that Jack Thompson eats paint chips... also he sodomizes giraffes

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