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    About damn time for titan.... 56k grab a beer

    First NA Vrtra kill (on Titan) - 43 People + 1 LS friend (Bard in monk party for regular room adds) Thanks Xerlic!

    The BLM Alliance for Vrtra Summons (9-10 BLM I believe 70-75)
    [removed broken image]

    Vrtra trying to Charm Garuda

    worst part of the fight right here... Garuda got hate and Vrtra Winged Garuda. Slept and hurt a lot of people ><. It was because of this that we missed all BP on 1 lap for recovery for the first and only time of the fight. [removed broken image]
    Same thing from the BLM alliance

    The Kill Shot

    The Drops... behemoth hide? Vrtra eat a behemoth?
    [removed broken image]
    Signed by JR's own Flyingdragoon (..the blackmage) for our bard, Zygot

    And of course, the usual LS picture
    [removed broken image]

    Is it me or is Vrtra the easiest out of all 3?

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    apparently vrtra is the easiest of all 3, its just the area thats the killed ive heard

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    Only thing remotely tough about Vrtra is the summons roughly 30 seconds apart? Which is easily controllable with enough black mages on manaburn duty.

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