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    Smells like Onions
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    Can't start Storms of Fate quest.. GM gives insight

    Just when I thought GM's couldn't get any more useless!

    Bastard cut me off before I could ask my next question too!

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    Apr 2005
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    For all we know, there could be some stupid small requirement that we don't know about but most people have. Like having one little tiny quest people did long ago but you didn't yet. Or heck, even max jeuno fame...

    And I'm assuming you can fight bahamut more than once? So what kind of delay is it? I'd laugh if you couldn't do it because you have an escort quest started.

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    I don't think anyone has been able to do the "Spirits of Fate" (or whatever it was called) quest again outside of helping someone who hasn't done it.

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    Aug 2004
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    We had a guy get pretty upset because he couldnt enter one of the new dynamis zones even though he was passed Diablos mission

    After a while and some frustration he logged onto his PC that ACTUALLY had CoP installed on it and could enter >_>

    Probably doesnt help you but pretty funny nonetheless

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    i remember the first time i wanted to go to kazahm and i went to talk to the guy that gives the quest and for some reason he wouldnt do it. i couldnt complete the quest. i didnt know what was going on. then i checked and guess what rise of zilhart wasnt activated. this was about a year and a half ago now i guess lol

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