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    Jailer of Prudence [please help me out!]

    so my LS fought this stupid crap ass NM today, we ended up losing cause someone decided it was an "easy fight" and even though i told people we shouldnt underestimate it, we still fought it not expecting 2 crazy fucking Hpemdes that warp around and spam TP moves on everyone.

    we started off fine, i tanked the one that appeared claimed when spawned while 2 NINs pulled the other one off to the other part of the island, we figured out whenever it uses Perfect Dodge, the one the NINs were tanking warped to me and used the exact TP move as the one i was tanking, and apparently reset hate. We got the first one to 60%, i died then he killed off our 2nd WHM and we kept struggling to raise people up, they kept doing that stupid AoE Stun crap and picking off everyone left and right. Someone kited them both off at one point, died, and only 1 came back, then we kept claim on it while trying to raise we kept kiting it all over while trying to look for the other one. Some 10-15 minutes later, the person kiting says that it depopped so we start trying to ga III shit to see if it was still there for about 20 minutes...20 minutes later the ??? is back up and we realize we just lost due to a stupid glitch-fucked fight.

    I called a GM about it, typically he told me he couldnt do jack shit about it and explained that i should just fill out a "problem report" on POL.

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    This happened to us yesterday, we're waiting to fight it again right now.

    We were kiting and the second suddenly vanished, later we kind of found it but we couldnt see it/target it/engage it, we had to pull mobs and have our blm's ga them which would damage Prudence as'd sometimes kill our blm's with nothing at all too.

    I called a GM and they said they'd never heard of the glitch and that i should file a report on the PoL Viewer. :\

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    so did you report it through the POL viewer and let the game designers know about it? Or just come to BG right away?

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    Second one vanished again this time, we found it with ga's once again.

    I reported it on the PoL viewer yesterday when it first happened. :o

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    I'd say go into this fight expecting these glitches. They've been reported multiple times and nothing has been done about it yet apparently.

    I'm not sure if you've seen these threads before or not, but they have some of the issues you may encounter:
    Jailor of Prudence Glitch?
    Prudence Glitches

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    anyone ever stop to consider its how the mob actually is suppose to work ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banigaru
    anyone ever stop to consider its how the mob actually is suppose to work ?
    Yes, I'm sure it's supposed to be a mob that can kill you from the beyond with nothing showing up in the log when you die.

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    one of the NM's disappearing: yes, that could possibly be its intended method of working.

    one of the NM's being untargetable on spawn: that's definately got to be a glitch.

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    If you kite one off, it won't warp back and do TP moves along with the other. You'll need crimson legs or herald's gaiters, or NIN AF boots obviously if it's night.

    If you don't kill it in a certain time or don't have agro for a bit, they'll both despawn, just like happened to you. Same with Justice and I think Hope.

    Having to GA the 2nd is really retarded. But I'm sure it's intentional.

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    Actually I dont think thats the case.

    Apparently one LS on Fenrir fought Prudence, and after they killed the first one, the second one went into perma "Mouth-Open" mode, instead of disappearing. Apparently it became quite strong after this.

    I'm willing to be that's actually how the fight is supposed to work.

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    Neither of our Prudences disappeared permanently last fight, this was a week ago. They disappeared and reappeared onto people with hate, sometimes going fairly far away from its spawn, this is how its supposed to behave, or so we gathered. Our first Prudence had the same problem yours did, this was shortly after it's implementation into the game. After killing one Prudence, the other disappeared completely. We ended up killing it however, by pulling a mob alongside the ??? area and casting agas. I suppose we were lucky; the fight obviously isn't supposed to work that way.

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    Of course it vanishes. It's a thief, so it's "hiding". (Be careful, it can still smack you down in one hit if you have hate and get too close...I found our the hard way). It is showing "prudence" by hiding like this.

    I'm pretty sure they fixed the untargetable at pop glitch. At least it was fixed for us last Sunday. You just kite one off with someone with movement speed +, while you kill the other. Then you kite the other back. Once it gets damaged somewhat, it "hides". Just watch where it was, pull another hpmende, and -ga it. I'm 100% certain it was designed this way. I actually kind of like it because its clever, and once you get to this point it's an easy fight.

    Only problem with this jailer, is once Sea gets crowded, this jailer will be incredibly easy to steal. I can already imagine the wars that would start over it.

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