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    Uhh.. Chainwork?

    Is Mysterytour correct with their update today? The same number of ingots now makes 3x as many chains? Can any smither confirm this? '-' I don't have the GP atm. ._.

    They have the correct 2 ingot : 1 chain ratio for chainwork for goldsmithing.. but in the smithing recipe list it says 2 ingots : 3 chains NQ. I think they're getting my hopes up.

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    MT is pretty bad for synthesis information. Use ffrecipe.

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    Nah it's a mistake, need 6x chain + stupid 75g item from guild to make it, not sure if it's really good or not (haven't broken it yet) but it is kinda a time saver and appearently can get 12x chain from HQ with just 6 ingots.

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