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    Bored? Make some money! (long read but worth it)

    So, i use this site like at least once a day, and they pay you to take 30-day free trials, and free surveys.

    A lot of things they will pay you $0.50 for something that takes less than a minute.

    Anyways figured i'd spread the love because i just made $24 in about 5 minutes lol and this is only my second day using it

    First, register an account at the site link below.

    They don't ask for anything personal, only your first name, e-mail address, and either your paypal email address (so they can paypal you money) OR your snail-mail address, because the alternative to paypal is they will send you a check.

    I believe you need paypal Premier to get the money out though, because they pay you with credit i believe (i think the free paypal only allows e-checks).

    Ok so, your registered. Now log in!

    Look to the left and you'll see "Members" category. "Cash Offers" should be the first thing you see.

    Click Cash Offers, it will bring you to a page with a list of everything you can make money off of. I always sort by 100% Free.

    Ok so, the 100% free category consists of the following.

    The lowest paying ones are $0.50, and usually only require you to fill out a simple form, or more often than not, just simply enter your e-mail address in (it will tell you under the offer how far you need to go).

    The highest paying ones are up to $20.00 PER offer. For instance, the AOL musicnet ones, True.com, etc. THESE ARE ALL LEGIT. I have done them and all you have to do is the following, fastest $20 i've ever made.

    Well, for the high paying ones, it's usually a "sign up for a free trial" type deal, ok so go get a pen and paper, and yes you will need a credit card handy (or a debit card with a visa/mastercard logo on it works).

    Some of you may be sceptical, i sure as hell was when i first did it, but here's what you do.

    Sign up for the free ## day's trial. You'll enter your credit card number. THIS IS ONLY FOR BACKUP, INCASE YOU FORGET TO CANCEL THAT TRIAL OFFER BEFORE THE TRIAL PERIOD IS UP. If you forget, then you basically deserve to be charged. That's what the pen and paper are for, write down all the information for each offer including phone number, and the date you signed up for the trial, and how long the trial is.

    So once you finish doing this, you go back to the treasuretrooper page you linked from and click "Done". If you've completed enough of the offer, it will tell you. If you need to go further and do a bit more, it will give you an error.

    On the simple surveys, i will click "Done" after every page i fill out, to make sure i do as little work as possible. Because like i said, majority of the sites usually only require your e-mail, but will have like 8 other surveys ready for you if you arent paying attention lol, so don't waste your time.

    You do however, have to enter your real information (name, email, phone number, address etc) for the surveys, you can't bullshit because they will check it with treasure trooper.

    Any money you make goes through the following:

    Pending - You've done the offer, but Treasure Trooper is waiting on verification from the company/survey person. The ones you sign up free trial's for, like AOLMusicnet and True.com take 3-4 days to approve. ONCE APPROVED, CALL THAT COMPANY AND CANCEL YOUR TRIAL PERIOD. And you've just made $20 for 5 minutes of your time.

    Approved - Treasure Trooper has received verification from the merchant, and that money is yours!

    Sorry for the long read, but this site is pretty amazing and is like the easiest cash i've ever made...and im not advertising, i just thought some of you might appreciate something like this, who wouldn't want free cash? lol.

    Enjoy, if you have any questions, PM me or just reply and i'll get back to ya

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    Go away.

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    sounds pretty cool but fuck you for trying to get refs from this site.

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    Re: Bored? Make some money! (long read but worth it)

    Quote Originally Posted by Namek
    and im not advertising, i just thought some of you might appreciate something like this
    So why not link us to treasuretrooper.com instead of treasuretrooper.com/32388 ?

    If the program is so sweet and you make 24 bucks every 5 mins no need to farm an mmo forum for referral credits, we aren't stupid people (most of us).

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    thats the bonus? lol you can do the exact same thing, goto treasuretrooper.com for all i care, but if i can get some referals, why not? its not like your making any less so, why would you care? sorry just thought some people would like to know that there are scam free places where you can make easy pocket cash /shrug

    btw im not like some random person, well i am to the FFXI folks, but i was in BG in WoW, so it's not like i'm randomly trolling, again just trying to spread an easy way to make free money to anyone who is interested, if you don't like the idea of getting paid for practically nothing, just close the thread, it isn't that big of a deal

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    Putting a banner in your sig is pretty uncool, imo.

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