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    Research paper topic....

    Sooo, I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with an idea for a research paper topic for my Data Communications course. I essentially need to write a 6 page paper analyzing a particular technology in relation to its everyday uses and industrial, commercial, and social applications. Topics such as wireless networking, optical networking, internet protocols and applications, new uses of the internet, and uses of mobile computing devices, and other things along those lines. That was a sample list that was provided, but I want to see if anyone has any other ideas of what I could write the report on? I just want to consider all the options I have.

    Before anyone cues the 'Do your own work' post, keep in mind that I'm just asking for suggestions on what to write the report on, and not asking anyone to write it for me.

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    No one has any ideas?

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    Since it's a hot topic lately: Wifi on nintendo DS or for PSP ?

    Infrared for your TV remote ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drinhkinn
    Since it's a hot topic lately: Wifi on nintendo DS or for PSP ?

    Infrared for your TV remote ?
    Well, I'm thinking something a bit broader then that. Those obviously have social uses, though not much use in businesses.

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    Pick what you want, but dont talk about routing protocol. I've done my research paper on that subject last semester and regreted it for 2 month

    You could talk about security and data encryption too, unless you were including it in internet protocole.

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    Could use wireless networking and talk about ease of use in the office, practicality, fire safety, and of course the gigantic problem with it of warhacking.

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    Wireless would make a good topic, aside from its problems, I can see it slowly getting better, and 1 day replacing wired forms of connections everywhere.

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    you could talk about P2P technology, uses, should it be legal? and so on...

    i think you can write a 30 page research on this, hell you can write your masters thesis on this topic lol

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    How broad or specific are you supposed to be? When I was an intern at Motorola 3 years ago "Bluetooth" was the hottest buzzword there that wasn't an acronym. You could find out what the hell it is (and then tell me ).

    There's also the G3 wireless networks that are pretty well-established in Europe and Asia but not really making much headway here last I heard. Electronics and telecom magazines are all "oooooooh G3 /drool" but nobody has been willing to shell out the money to install networks in this country, especially in rural areas. Also because who wants to pay $500 for a cell phone, even if it can make you coffee in the morning?

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