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    Odds and Ends

    I'm gonna go ahead and post about some random things we found today while getting some Assault legwork done. Can't be appraised and I've seen no information about it anywhere else. They are the weapon and armor models from Mamool Ja.

    Shield - (I'd say size3) Tariqah -1 Def 1 Lv73 WAR WHM RDM THF PLD BST SAM
    Sword - Macuahuitl -1 DMG: 10 Delay 223 Accuracy-8 lv65 WAR RDM PLD DRK BLU COR

    I'm going to assume they are used in synthesis, but which? Anyway, if you find some other random drops like this (I'm wearing them now on RDM, they look hot) post that shit here.

    Do not post about Operation Black Thunder Strike or whatever the fuck that idiot said.

    edit: thx maxx... I'm self-imposing no posting for a day

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