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    Mexico to legalize drugs

    CNN Link

    Mexico's Congress approved the legalization of drugs for personal use. It will still be illegal to sell it so I dunno how they explain that one.

    If (President Vincente) Fox signs the measure and it becomes law, it could strain the two countries' cooperation in anti-drug efforts -- and increase the vast numbers of vacationing students who visit Mexico.
    I fail to see how this law and vacationing students are related. :wink:

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    so it's illegal to sell but legal to use... so is it illegal to buy it? do you have to grow/make your own drugs?

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    OK I'll take a shot at trying to explain this:

    With the recent elections coming up and not only then, the 3 major parties are always fighting each other. They always throw dirt in unbelievable ways at each other. Which is one of the countries biggest attitude problems if you will. Something around the lines of "ME ME ME ME ME ME" (in government).

    That being said, if as an example, well rather a reality because it has happened before, you Almaa were caught in a nightclub with your pills or with your heroine or w/e and were taken into custody. The Government of Mexico City which is a different party than the government of the whole country and a lot of political crap that may be hard to understand , would go "Look! We caught a drug dealer! What has the other party done for you? It is now clear we are a better party."

    Now, that is just one of the few reasons this law is planning on being passed. The outcome of it being to actually catch drug dealers and not drug consumers (Although they are comitting a crime too, however, drug dealer != drug consumer.). Also if you read the article which may or may not be clear for some, it states that government workers and people that work near schools found with a quantity of drugs will also face the law.

    Now, it may be hard to understand the situation from outside the country, I believe you'd see it as rather stupid, but this measure allows people to have up to 4 "lines" of cocaine, or 4 joints or like .5 mg of heroine. And while I do not agree with it, it can and probably will help catch the real drug dealers and not people just trying to have fun (Which again I don't think drugs is the way but...).

    Regarding your comment about the students, which is most likely sarcasm but then again who knows...

    If you've ever come to Mexico, Cancun for example, then you know EXACTLY why it is related L O L.

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