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    Hey computer builder people, need some help. ;(

    Alright, I've decided i'm going to buy a DVD burner for my laptop. Problem is when it comes to putting together, taking apart, installing new parts on computers, I don't know much at all. Right now I have a CD burner/DVD-ROM, which I'm guessing I'll be taking out and putting the DVD burner in it's place?

    Problem is I have no clue how to take out the drive I have now. Any pointers? I'm hoping I'm just retarded and it's really easy.

    I don't want to order the DVD drive until I know how to install it.

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    honestly if you dont know how to do it and dont know anyone who does pay someone to do it for you. you could fuck it up cause laptops are delicate. some drives slide out a lot easier than others. what kind of laptop do you have and how old is it?

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    you should just be able to pop it out, like most laptops.

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    Dell Inspiron 6000. Ummm it's 8 months? old

    I might have someone do it, but would really rather do it myself if I know I won't fuck it up.

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    If it doesn't pop out, there should be a panel with a small screw on the bottom. Open that panel and on the inside, in the direction of the CD drive, there should be another screw. Unscrew that and try removing the CDrom. Almost every dell is very easy to removed the CD drives for.

    Even if you have a replacment CD rom, there maybe something on the old CDrom that you will need to use on the new one to get it to work. On some modles there is a small tab at the back of the CD rom. You would need to unscrew that and place it on the replacment CDrom before installing it. Its really hard to fuck up, just don't force anything. If I feels like you are putting a lot of effort to get the CDrom out, your doing something wrong and should ask for help again.

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    If you still have the owner's manual to your laptop, read it in detail because it should have a section on how to take out removable drives and how to put a new drive in. If not, the drive you're getting should have instructions also on how to install it. If those 2 don't tell you good enough, then it's best to let someone professional install it so that you know nothing can be messed up (since if they do mess it up, you can keep receipts and papers to sue em and have it replaced). I know how to install drives into PCs because I have put a graphics driver and a second hard drive into my Dell at home but I've never worked with laptops so I'm unsure how to install drives on them. Chances are though that you'll need to make sure and uninstall all of the CD-ROM drive's files and software off your laptop before you take it out and then insert DVD-ROM drive in, start up computer and install software for new drive off the disc they'll include in the package. I hope some of this helps and good luck with the new drive!

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    shouldn't your cd drive be removeable? i mean if it is u can always buy the DVDRW drive from dell themselves or u can just get a external DVDRW, it will prolly cost u a bit more tho :3, also if u are gonna go commando on the laptop like start taking shit apart and you have some kind of warranty on it once u open the laptop up your warranty is void and they will no longer service it. So just be a bit cautious lol, it always sucks when u think u have something covers and it breaks and ur upa river without a paddle or a raft

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    Thanks everyone for the advice. :D

    Edit. Love you Raf for that, I was right, I'm retarded, It's easy.

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