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    18-25k Grimoires... worth it?

    yeah, apparantly u can get them at the bazaars if u do these and they have a TH effect for types of monsters

    Hunters Monograph - 18000 - Beasts/Avions - Finish Thextera Hunt
    Knights Monograph - 19000 - Giants/Insects - Talk to any weapon merchant 30 times.
    Warmages Monograph - 20000 - Amorphs/Undead - Read the hunt board 20 times.
    Mages Monograph - 21000 - Fiends - Talk to any magick merchant 25 times.
    Scholars Monograph - 22000 - Constructs - Talk to any armor merchant 15 times.
    Dragoons Monograph - 22000 - Dragons/Plants - Read the hunt board 40 times
    Sages Monograph - 25000 - Elementals - Talk to any merchant 100 times
    1. which ones, if any, are worth buying?
    2. what exactly are beasts, avions, fiends, and constructs?

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    All of them eventually. I'd work on getting the first 3 on that list first though.

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    Honestly you should farm until you can buy all of them. All of those you listed are monster types you will eventually encounter in the game, and basically all those books increase the droprate of rare items and such.

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    I just recently got them all cept the last one, Sages Monograph.
    So far i guess i cant tell the difference in drops but im sure its there. I made enough money to buy them all in about an hour and a half time, like 120k, farming the hell out of Ozmone Plain/Golmore jungle. Just burn through everything, panthers and marlboros drops some nice stuff too, Marlboros can get annoying fast with sleep/poison/slow etc, but if u kill them fast enough they wont get it off. Iron Carapaces drop from the horses in Ozmone are expensive sells also.

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