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    just fought Cuchulainn....

    and holy shit I got rocked! I tried fighting him twice and never got past the 60% HP bar. I had to chars spam AoE Cure to help mitigate the crazy sap(like 300 HP a second), but then he started spamming mass enfeebles and as my pt was trying to erase them the sap gets me.

    I tried a mass quickening chain, got up to chain 15 but it only took 20% of his HP bar. I was using 2x Buble belts and a Black belt(to negate the disablega).

    For those that have fought him any tips because he is fucking nuts.

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    He has, -a lot- of HP.

    I fought him when I was able to buy Esunaga. I had one character with a Hp<70% Curaja gambit do all the healing with blackbelt equiped. I killed all 4 flan that spawned and they never did respawn.

    I didn't use decoy during the fight in hopes he would use invert on my healer which he did. The healer died instantly (because the sap can kill you unlike normal sap) but my healer had a full mp gauge again so it was pretty hax. (All my characters had bubble)

    Uhhh, I didn't do anything else really all that special. Didn't use quickenings, don't have zodiac spear, only Fomalhaut. ;p

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