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    Treasure Glitch?

    So far this has happened twice. Once with a treasure pot in the Feywood which gave me an Ensanguined Shield and once now in the Great Crystal giving me an Excalibur. As I approach the treasure I get the "!" but not the "Treasure!" thing. I have to walk around the pot to get the "Treasure" message but it only flashes up for a moment and I can't hit it in time. So I hit X button while all I have is the exclamation point and I get a shitty item, but the treasure pot doesn't disappear, and I check it again to reveal something nice. In feywood I went X-pot>Ensanguined shield and just now I went Knot of Rust>Excalibur on one chest without it disappearing, has anyone else run into this or are these chests supposed to randomly give me 2 items? (doubtful lol)

    When I came to this Excal chest I was in battle but didn't open it, when the fight ended I approached the chest (crystal) while my weapon was still drawn, "Treasure" popped but then before I could hit it Ashe put away her weapon, an animation during which you can't pop the treasure, and then this happened. So maybe that is a way to exploit chests?

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    That happened to me first time i got excali (died and had to get it a 2nd time )

    i was fighting the horse thing, went to check the treasure and got a hi pot, but it didn't disappear, then i checked it again and got the excali. When i got the ensanguined shield though it didn't happen.

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    Exactly the same thing happened when I got the ensanguined shield in Feywood.

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    Your character might be trying to attack something, or perhaps you are fleeing?

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    Thats the way its designed actually. I never got this items cause I played w/o guide, but I read that every1 has this.

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    Same happened when I got my excalibur last night.

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