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    Yoshi P
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    House Swapping...?

    So there is that new movie coming out called The Holiday, where Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet swap homes for the Holiday. I thought that was a ridiculously awesome thing, but that it couldn't be a real service. Anyway, I looked up house swapping on google, and there were TONS of websites dedicated to it!


    was one of the better ones, and it just seems so freaking cool. I don't know if there is a fee, or what, but man, it just seems really awesome. I'd totally swap my house with someone for a month or so if I didn't live in a shitty dorm. What do you guys think about this? I wonder if it will become some sort of craze and everyone will be house swapping instead of going to hotels in the future.

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    The God Damn Kuno
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    No thanks I like having all my stuff not stolen.

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    CoP Dynamis
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    I'm sure there might be some sort of insurance... The thing I'd really be worried about is people other than myself having sex in my bed... Or on my couch......... or in my kitchen. Yeah, no thanks House Swap.

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    The Optimistic Asshole
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    Id trade for a place in florida. Been dying to go back to busch gardens. Noone would swap for this house though, there isnt shit to do in kentucky.

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    Cool idea, but I'd rather find a girlfriend swap company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remembrance
    Cool idea, but I'd rather find a girlfriend swap company.




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