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    Need .dats

    Ok well I posted earlier about my game not starting up due to a text box coming up trying to reconfigure POL and tetra master. So I broke down and uninstalled FFXI, and am now trying to reinstall it. Only problem now is that my disc is scratched quite a bit and stops @ 75% install not being able to read the FFXI/rom/15/dat64 file. Anyone have an idea where I could possibly get these files? Or do I have to go out and buy a new copy of ffxi ; ;

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    Just download a torrent of that particular disc.

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    I thought about that XD but i'm using vanadiel collection ; ;. I guess I could just guess that its disc 3 or 4 since its stopping @ 75%

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    So download the dvd torrent?

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    Looking for one right now, can't seem to find one with actual sources to DL it from. 0 seeds 1 leecher

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