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Thread: Ele resist sets for nin     submit to reddit submit to twitter submit to tumblr

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    Ele resist sets for nin

    So Ive been looking at endgame tanking and reading rukenshins excellent gear post on his LJ, and it seems 3 ele resist sets are needed (I think):

    Fire, which is covered very well in ruke's LJ
    Earth for Ouryu and Kirin
    Ice for Jorm

    Ive not seen much about the latter 2, mainly I think because Kirin is easy enough without it, ouryu can be done without it and nobody fights jorm. But I'm still interested in what the gear setups would be, so good people of BG, share your wisdom/suggestions.

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    a few gear sets on there

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    D. Ring
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    in that link, some of the gear can be improved upon a little further. for example the earth set could use sand gloves (+11 earth) and gaia mantle +1 (+12, if you're playing paladin) which are significant improvements.

    otherwise the entry looks good i think.

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    You need to put job as PLD or NIN into the Advanced search too, that would help or you get other jobs AF/JSE

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