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    [Periqia Assault: Requiem] PT Setup question...

    Mission Orders:
    An Immortal has reported the existence of a large force of undead soldiers. Destroy these undead minions before they can organize an attack on the Empire.
    Destroy the undead
    Lv.70, 3-6 mercenaries.

    My static and I who normally do Lamia No.13 tried Requiem as 3 (RDM,RDM,MNK). We tried 3 times, each time we got close to the end, but we either wiped or timed out. The question is can we just grab another MNK to get this done or do we need more?

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    I did this for 20k points with: RDM/WHM, BLM/WHM, MNK/NIN x2. Another MNK should work fine for your group.

    I would just go as BLM and nuke the DRG skeleton's wyverns killing them instantly and to Stun the crazy fast casting of the Bhoots. Only other job I had at the time was RDM, and 2 RDM just seemed stupid to me.

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    Thank you, appreciate the help. I'll try it out.

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    This really isn't a bad assault. We've done it with a 70brd/whm, 70 Smn/whm, 75Pld/war, 75 Mnk/nin, and 75 War/nin (me). We normally have about 8-10 mins on the clock when we pop the release. No real issues or resting time. Just bring people that you know can work together.

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