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    WTF? I just got...

    WTF I just got an email to complete registration for Lineage 2 Russia? What the hell? Screenshot:


    If this shit is real I just got a free account for L2 russia all I need to do is go back and tell it to send me my password and stuff!

    Edit1: this has to be a scam of some kind because I googled Lineage 2 Russia and it came up as a totally diff site... Hmm... Interesting anyone want to comment and help out a little?

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    1st guess: You go to the site and even though the account is "free" and apparently ready to go, you have to fill out your info and supply a credit card number.

    2nd guess: ...

    3rd guess: Profit!

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    Iunno but I can't find anything anywhere about it being a scam but I know it is now!

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    I got it to, I just deleted it, lol.

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    I got it as well, I figured it was "Learn to speak russian" along the lines of the other 50 retarded spam emails I get every hour so I just deleted it.

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    Or it could be a phised (is that the right term?) site. You click the link, fill a form out and the info is sent to some clever script kiddie.

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