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    corrupt download

    I'm really annoyed, I guess I'll have to buy it instead.

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    Let us know what you think of it.

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    People always mention the "size" of the game. While I agree it's big, is it really enjoyable to do all 200 fetching quest? To zone in a tower similar to the 23 other you completed before. After 20 hours, you probably saw most of the game, and the only thing left is a mmorpg style of grinding.

    You will still find here and there an original scenary, or a new quest, but the only thing left is the sense of "accomplishment" when you add something to your quest log, and seeing one of your skill increase a little.

    To shuemue, did you do an hash check of your torrent download, maybe it will fix it. Also, make sure you mount the virtual image to install/play, burning it dvd can give you error.

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