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    Xbox 360 controller for pc

    anyone know how to get it to work? or even if it can work? i remember reading that it can somewhere but i dont remember where

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    been messing with all of the links off and on for about a hour and still cant get it to work.... any suggestions?

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    Err, what do you mean exactly? The links themselves not working or you can't get the controller to work?

    They're working for me.

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    the controller

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    lol are you using a w♦♦ireless one with a plug n play or a wired one cause just plugging the controller in works, and reading on how to use and using XBCD will work if you want to bind the controller differently (which you do most likely)... On vista it's a different story though.

    Just found out this week my xbox live headset worked on my pc as soon as it was plugged in, kinda neat.

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