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    Fast Cast usefulness (w/no fastcast trait) Ichi/Ni and macro

    Do thf/nin (or any job w/ /nin) use loq. earring for fast cast? Is it usefull?

    Loq. Earring
    Spellcasting time -2%
    Recast time -1%

    I'm guessing that -2% to a 4 delay spell, doesn't do anything/much? Ichi: 4 casting time * -.02 delay = .08. So 3.92 casting time, still would require /wait 4 in macro; or does this get floored to 3? - im guessing no. Also, assuming a 25 recast time (25*.01=.25), 24.75 recast. Still no difference. Right/wrong?

    Since Ni has a 1.5 casting time (macro would have /wait 2): 1.5 * .02 = .03 = 1.2; so for macro's still no change... recast was about 41 * .01 = .41 = 40.59. For this I did quick test last night and it rounds up to 41. I saw no recast change with or without loq. earring.

    Now if you had Homan legs:
    Spellcasting time -3% = total -5%
    Spell recast time -1.5% = total -2.5%

    Ichi: 4 * .05 = .2; 3.8 casting time. Floored? ! guessing no. So I still couldn't change my macro down to 3
    Ichi: 25 * .025 = .625; 24.375 recast. Guessing you would still see no change in recast?

    Ni: 1.5 * .03 = .045; 1.05 casting time. Floored down to 1, so I could change my macro's?
    Ni: 41 * .025 = 1.025; 39.975. So I might see a 1 sec difference.

    So from my basic and uneducated math, it would seem that anyone w/ no fast cast trait and only loq. earring would not see any benifits. But with at least Homan legs, you could see a 1sec return in recast of Ni only (with a base recast of 41 - if you had more haste and your recast was below 39 then you might not see any improvements). And no changes to existing macros. Wrong/Right?

    Also, what type of macro's do people use to maximize casting Ni or Ichi? &
    Is Ichi casting time really 4sec, in terms of macro's? (/wait 4, before any re-equip changes)
    Is Ni casting time really 1.5, in terms of macro's? (/wait 2, before any re-equip changes)

    Ichi macro ex:
    /equip head "W. Tuban"
    /equip ear2 "Loq. earring"
    /equip anyother piece with haste/fastcast
    /ma "Ichi" <me>
    /wait 4
    /equip gear back to whatever

    Edit.. hmm I think I answered my own questions... but simply it will not help /nin for spell casting time/macros. And if you have enough haste (which most /nin will; it still will not help)...?


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    Re: Fast Cast usefulness (w/no fastcast trait) Ichi/Ni and macro

    I macro it in on SAM/NIN, but I only have it because of RDM. I wouldn't advise spending the 75 coins on it just for a melee job.

    It does, however, shave a second or two off the recast time. Utsu recast takes a heavy penalty when Hasso or Seigan are in effect, so I take any haste/fast cast bonus I can get.

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    Re: Fast Cast usefulness (w/no fastcast trait) Ichi/Ni and macro

    It's a marginal bonus that does help, The only question is does it help enough to make it worth it. I'd say buy it if you have a mage job and macro it on :Ni anyways.

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