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    Smart Disc Error? Laptop problem.

    Hmm. I normally don't make topics.. I just scan the forum and make a reply here and there.. But I figure you guys would know as well as anyone else. I was on my Laptop last week and in the bottom right toolbar it had a small image of a harddrive with a yellow triangle flashing over it. I clicked on it.. It said the hard drive had a possibility of imminent failure. I double-clicked on it and it scanned the harddrive and said everything was ok..

    I turned my computer off and turned it back on. After the first loading screen it went to another screen that said something along the lines of.. Smart Disc Error. Possiblity of imminent Hard drive failure. Back up all information immediately etc.

    I asked my cousin who knows a bit about the field but he doesn't really know about it. Considering the harddrive scanner ordeal said that everything was ok.. and this is saying well quite the opposite. I am not sure what the hell is going on.. So I just avoid using it for now. I searched Google and I have an idea of what it's about.. but don't really know all I should. I am looking to see what the deal is with the warranty.. but if anyone has any experience or knoweledge on the situation.. I'd appreciate it.


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    Re: Smart Disc Error? Laptop problem.

    Your hard drive is failing. The smart disc errors only pop up if the actual hard drive itself detects an issue. This means: Backup your stuff NOW!

    That being said...
    As long as your system is under warranty, you will get your hard drive replaced. Bar that, it's time to purchase a new hard drive for your system.

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