So I got the urge to play Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together the other day. So I went and downloaded ePSXe 1.6 and got the ROM from a direct download site. Decided to use a gameshark code to let me move repeatedly, which I only used to let my main character collect all cards. At the start of the 2C chapter, you're supposed to get into a fight when you try to leave the town, but it didn't work. I rebooted many times, re-did the previous two battles without using any gameshark code, still no fight.

So I download a new ROM, this time from a torrent. Go through the first chapter again, using the same gameshark code. I got to the 2C chapter and same problem. I restarted another game and wasn't using any code but I was still getting graphical glitches (namely when selecting my team for a battle, there would be random graphics that showed up when I placed someone) so I decided something was probably wrong with my emulator. So I downloaded pSX 1.12, emulator seems to run great and is a lot better on my CPU than ePSXe. Use a different gameshark program, same code, same problem at chapter 2C. I've changed ROM's, changed emulators, and there was still some glitches without the gameshark code.

Before I make ANOTHER run through the first chapter (without any gameshark codes), does anyone have an idea of what is wrong? Is it just that code? Is it a bad rom and it just so happened that the torrent was a reposting of the direct download? Does God not want me to play Tactics Ogre anymore?

P.S. Anyone else love this game?