Q: Why can't I post on the forums?

A: You probably have not made your first post in the New Members Posting Thread. Also, if you have not recieved the email to verify your account with us, you will be unable to post. This includes the fact that the e-mail you give us, must actually be a real e-mail name. If you just type in a fake e-mail,you won't get the e-mail and thus you will not be able to post.

Q: I signed up but I have not recieved an e-mail to verify, where is it?

A: Most likely, whatever e-mail service you have, has spam filters on and the e-mail was caught by that filter. Hotmail is known for throwing our e-mail into spam.

Q: I made a thread or post, and it has disappeared, where did it go?

A: If you can not find the thread/post, you can try using the search function to locate it. This means one of two things, if it was moved, you will be able to find it through search function. If it doesn't not show up on search, then the thread broke some rule on the forums and was removed. While this doesn't mean necessarily that you as the creator of the thread/post broke a rule, it might have been in the middle of someone else breaking a rule, and for clutter/confusion sake, we have decided it was best to remove the thread/post.

Q: Why do I have a title such as PUP, COP Dynamis or other FFXI game terms?

A: We have a rank system that assigns a title to accounts who do not have a custom title, this was done to have fun with the forums. If a title you have recieved is offensive somehow, you can always PM an admin or moderator on the forums to request a change. Whether or not it's changed is dependant on the case.

Q: Why is there a bunch of naked Galkas doing construction or a pirate cat on my screen when I refreshed the forums? (Yes this is a serious question)

A: This means you happened to have refreshed the forums as we were doing our weekly maintenance, give it 5 minutes at most to refresh and it will be gone.

That is all for now, if we find other issues coming up frequently, it will be placed into this section. Also, feel free to contact the admins and moderators of this forum if you need help with something not listed anywhere on the forums.