Good day. I have finally overcome laziness and have made my first post. I meant to do this when I was robbed in January, but I suppose I have information on two shady characters you must all be wary of.

#1 - MAIMI

Maimi is the newest addition to the Asura world! I should not say that I am 150% positive on this (more like 99.99999%), but I have good reason to believe that Maimi is, in reality, a manthra seeking to cybersex his/her/its way to riches. If Maimi is a blonde Mithra with MNK75 and Bastok Rank 10, and is constantly attempting to make personal connections with innocent young men to rob them of their riches, then the Asura server is in fact dealing with Aaika, a native of Leviathan. (S)he has a history of coaxing her cyber-lovers into letting her "use their character," and stealing all of their belongings while they dream sweet, sweet dreams of her. She later pretends that nothing actually happened, leaving her victims stripped of months to years of hard work.

Of course, if you give manthras with fake FFXIplayers pictures your ID and password, you almost deserve to get robbed. In any case, just a little FYI for you guys: I would not advise having cyber sex with Maimi. He's not that great at it, anyhow. He can probably be found leveling BST or BLU, or trying to merit MNK. Despite the overwhelming evidence I have found, if Maimi actually turns out to be a bearded hume, please let me know, so I can edit this post to remove false accusations!


This manthra is an established server-hopping scumbag! Also originating on Leviathan (I think...), Aerichimaru transferred to Fairy, where he became Sekhyr, back to Leviathan (still as Sekhyr), then to Carbuncle (where he became Skopes), and now he has been missing for a month. I should have posted this in January, when Sekhyr initially jacked several millions of gil from me, and presumably other players, and ran to Carbuncle. However, my laziness exceeded my anger, and I naively thought that negotiating with him on MSN to get my items returned would be a viable option. As it turned out, I was wrong.

The story is as follows: I had been friends with Sekhyr for over half a year. He was very nice to me, and I really had no reason not to trust him. He asked me to lend him all my HQ staves (and a bunch of other assorted BLM items) for his CoP fight, and I agreed without a second thought. The next day he was on Carbuncle, with a new name, and a clean slate! Luckily, I had written all of the info surrounding the trade down, and a nice female had tracked him down, and stripped him and all of his mules of every last gil he had, and promptly gave it to me. It didn't fully cover what I had lost, but she did get over 3mil back to me, which I was very happy for (seriously, who the hell steals only 4mil and jumps servers?).

So yes. If anyone has any information about Skopes from Carbuncle, I would be very interested to see if he has tried to pull the same tricks with anyone else. I believe that he is a red-haired mithra, with NIN75, WAR75, and BLM75, DNC50+ and had recently obtained Sea and a Brutal Earring. He had talked about wanting to level RDM to 75 before he left Leviathan, and is usually found fighting things alone with a 2boxed taru WHM, usually goobbues in The Boyahda Tree. His last FFXIah information shows him selling a crapload of items on March 5th, so it is possible that he either quit after that, or switched servers yet again. If anyone has noticed new mithras to their server with the previous jobs leveled, it could very well be Skopes.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and if you feel like sharing any information on either Aeriskopeshyr, or Maimi on Asura, please do!