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    360 Disc Error

    Well, I searched for info here and all I came up with was a failing drive. I think mine is failing to right now but I don't think it's the motor, I think its the lens. Every disc I put into my 360 says is unplayable (games, dvds, and cds). I know its no RRoD but think Microsoft will still repair it after 2 1/2 years? (On a side note, would this be original purchase they speak of in their original update because I'm on my second Xbox which I got a year after my original decided to spit out a piece of its optical drive at me)

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    Re: 360 Disc Error

    Even though talking to their customer service is like talking to a brick wall(when I was having disc 4 LO problems, the lady told me to delete my game save to fix the problem...), I'd call them up and tell them the situation. I'm pretty sure that you have at least 1 year warranty on anything non-RROD, and when you get a new system back from them, it renews the warranty.

    If all else fails, just find a way to give your 360 RROD <_<

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    Re: 360 Disc Error

    Are you getting the error that comes up saying

    I love that Error code!
    I pick up FFXI, place it in the XBOX 360, and it loads, and says the above.

    I found out it was the Disk... However, my brother had mentioned all the games wacking out and not working, I think its something to do with the systems laser-reader thing, either it being dirty, or just begining to fail out, either way i'd suggest sending it in..

    Also Xbox customer service sucks, my brother had to get his xbox "Repaired"(Using that term to goddamn loosely) six seperate times within 6 month period. The first time he sent it back it was because of the Red Ring, the second time he got it back the faceplate (cover) wouldn't click on and fell off repeatedly, the third time the Disk Tray was broken and would open or close without a damn knife to it, the fourth time it was shipped back to him and didnt read disks, the fifth time the back was chipped and you could see the inside of the xbox, and the final time it came back fine.

    If i were him, i would have sent it in the sixth time, in 300 Tiny pieces (That i managed to Hammer out of it) with a small Note reading "My Xbox wont play games anymore, i cant figure out the problem, would you please take a look at it?"

    But yah, on topic to your question, I would just Send it in and get a new one while your under warantee... when my Flipped out like yours i sent it in, hasn't had much problems since

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    Re: 360 Disc Error

    Well, just randomly, it says every disc that I put into the system is unplayable. It doesn't even make a noise when I put a disc into it which leads me to believe that the motor may be dead in the drive rather than the optical drive.

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