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Thread: Warning for Valefor.     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Warning for Valefor.

    Two players of my linkshell today moved servers from Remora to Valefor without any warning. Jiggamiah and Azyraphale, not sure if either changed their name. Both were longtime members for almost a year. Jiggamiah is a white haired elvaan male, brd blm rdm war 75. Morrigans body/hands/legs, Rdm Afv2 hat, BlmAfv2 hat, Goliard Saio on brd. Azyraphale is a white haired mithra with drk pld and nin 75. Nin is horribly gimp, but has anatares(sp?) harness, drk has e body and homam legs, but pretty shitty otherwise. valor surcoat pld with bmask. Azyraphale recently ninja lotted e body from our 5th odin, and they both moved servers afterwards. They both came from hades in september as gimp shits, and would still be gimp shits without us. Got every single bit of good gear they have from us. One was even in the running for a linkshell upgraded relic, and they pull this. Just a warning to everyone on Valefor.

    edit: Azy hasn't moved yet but Jigga has. Azy is still on remora in whitegate wearing his stolen e body.

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    I think I saw a PLD that's name started with Azyr in Besieged a couple days ago, constandly b****ing for buffs for almost 30 minutes in the market. was a Mithra so looks liek they have already moved.

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