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    My In-Game Battle Videos

    Once upon a time (~ 2005 or so) I made a series of Videos from Fights and such in Final, and hosted them on my site. After some time, the space and bandwidth became an issue, so they were purged.

    Flashing back to current time, I used the powers of Filefront to bring them back to life, without killing my site.

    Here are what I have of the videos I recorded and encoded. I hope some folks get some enjoyment from these relics of my earlier years, especially since only one of them is a Fail.

    Videos encoded by me, back in the earlier FFxI Days.
    MonstersInc - Genbu Fight
    Bomb Queen Fight - MonstersInc
    Bomb Queen Fight #2- MonstersInc
    Shadowlord Fight
    Summerfest Fireworks
    BCNM 20 'Wings of Fury' Fight w/ my Bst, Crayonshank and Gupideon.
    Red Cryptex Garrison
    Guardian Statue - RDM AF3 Fight
    Dynamis Windurst - 2/2/06 - Wipe Run.
    Dynamis Bastok - Clear

    Chances of me doing more videos are probably slim, as I primarily play on my 360 these days.

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    Garrison looks fun.

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