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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizerd View Post
    A few days late, but your answer to why there is no outpost in Movalpolas is simple: all zones in the region are dungeons. Correct me if I'm wrong, but all outposts in the game exist in field areas, rather than dungeons:

    Lufaise Meadoes
    Cape Teriggan
    Beaucedine Glacier
    West Ronfaure
    Jugner Forest
    Valkurm Dunes
    North Gustaberg
    Eastern Altepa Desert
    Pashhow Marshlands
    Qufim Island
    Meriphataud Mountains
    Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
    Buburimu Peninsula
    West Sarutabaruta
    Yuhtunga Jungle
    Yhoator Jungle

    There, every outpost in the game. I realize I didn't have to list them, but it was a self-check thing too to make sure I wasn't wrong. <_<
    It's also worth noting that no "teleport" animation (not warp or other stuff) sends you to a dungeon.

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    It's also partially because a moval port could get you to bastok faster than north gusta's. ;x

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    So are the questions selected going to be pre-translated? Lately their translations on things have been.... questionable so I would hate to see something 'lost in translation' considering we only get a SMALL HANDFULL OF QUESTIONS.....

    (yea i'm bitter that the JP interview was pages....)

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