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    Seeing Sounds, best album of 08 so far.

    Sooner or later is probably the best song N.E.R.D. song. Everything Pharrell touches is gold. Disagree and die.

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    The whole album was great. Love Bomb > All though. They should of put My Drive Thru on the album too.

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    considering nerd's last attempt was straight garbage, i'm gonna have to agree with you there. but, album of year is pushin it... unless youre not a big hip-hop fan, i could think of a bunch of albums slept on this year that are bigger contenders.... the AZ album comes to mind(no-nonsense classic shit)... even snoop's album was more consistent than this album. i'm still holding the saigon album as the best hip hop album so far this year. the dude's lyrics and delivery is on-point, puts 90% of the rappers this year to shame. the new nas is disappointing too, but i'm still going to bump most the album.

    pharell's production is tight like always, but everything else is just mediocre.

    that album cover is def some crazy shit

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    you need to re-title this thread "Consolers Of The Lonely, best album of 08 so far." and you'd be correct sir

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