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    Introduction to Our World

    世界の輪郭 - Outline of the World

    ~On the Trail with Father & Daughter Ironheart~

    About 200 years ago, when travelling across this land was fraught with peril, there was a man who outlined our world, that is, made a map of Vana'diel. It took great courage and many years to realize his dream, and along the way he raised a daughter who shared in his passion. These are the tracks of "The Man Who Risked Everything for the World," and his daughter.

    クォン大陸編 - Quon Continentゲィンハム・アイアンハート - Gwynham Ironheart
    (688 - 765) A Hume sailor and adventurer, he began his career on a trading ship. However, an unfortunate incident caused him to lose one of his ships and he left in distress to pursue a life of adventure. It was then he began to trek across Vana'diel, mapping out his surroundings.

    At first, many scoffed at his ridiculous undertaking, but after a while this determined seaman began to prove them wrong. Eventually, The Kingdom of Sand'Oria and the Republic of Bastok began to realize the necessity (and danger) of his project and provided him with funding.

    Upon completing the Quon continent, Ironheart continued on to the uncharted lands of Valdeaunia. Unfortunately, it was here that he died valiantly in a battle against an Orcish attack party. All was not lost though, as his daughter, Enid, would continue his quest, exploring the continent of Mindartia. Thus, she completed his task of mapping out all of Vana'diel.

    The accuracy of the Ironhearts was proven 100 years later upon the creation of the airship. Barring some minor additions, it was the map currently used by adventurers today. On Gwynham Ironheart's grave, who was lost to us in Valdeaunia, the adventurer, Sir Ordelle wrote: "Here lies the man who risked everything for our world."
    南グスタベルグ - South Gustaberg
    北グスタベルグ - North Gustaberg
    コンシュタット高地 - Konschtat Highlands
    東ロンフォール - East Ronfaure
    ジャグナー森林 - Jugner Forest
    ロランベリー耕地 - Rolanberry Fields
    バタリア丘陵 - Batallia Downs
    西ロンフォール - West Ronfaure
    バルクルム砂丘 - Valkurm Dunes
    パシュハウ沼 - Pashhow Marshlands
    ラテーヌ高原 - La Theine Plateau

    (Gwynham Ironheart meets his end during the aforementioned journey) *sad face*

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    ミンダルシア陸編 - Mindartia Continent
    エニッド・アイアンハート - Enid Ironheart
    (752 - 784) The daughter of the famous Gwynham Ironheart and an Elvaan knight. As a youth, she was being raised to become a knight, but upon discovery of her father's history, she abandoned knighthood for a life of adventure. Over ten years later, she had traversed the continent of Mindartia and isle of Kazham, completing the "Vana'diel World Map." The Kingdom of Sand'Oria confirmed her findings and posthumously gave her official recognition as a cartographer.
    ソロムグ原野 - Sauromugue Champaign
    タロンギ大峡谷 - Tahrongi Canyon
    東サルタバルタ - East Sarutabaruta
    西サルタバルタ - West Sarutabaruta
    ブブリム半島 - Buburimu Peninsula
    メリファト山地 - Meriphataud Mountains
    トルレザーぺ・B・オルデール - Torresapet B Ordelle
    (733 - 768) Commonly known as Sir Ordelle, this Sand'Orian-born Elvaan was a world-famous adventurer. As he grew into manhood, his inquisitive nature began to take hold. He dropped out of military school in order to experiment with constructing his own firearms. He also had a habit of skipping out on church to go hunting for rare animals. This led to Ordelle being brought up on charges of heresy, which was unheard of at the time.

    However, in the year 755, Ordelle had accumulated an extensive knowledge of the wilderness and caught the attention of the king. He was often commissioned for scouting and reconnaissance and personally rewarded by the king.

    In the year 759, Ordelle met Gwynham Ironheart, who was in the process of mapping out the entire continent of Quon. The two quickly became rivals. Ordelle was inspired to chart lost ruins and deep caves inside the earth.

    Although he was deathly afraid, Ordelle set out to explore and map a gigantic limestone cavern in La Theine Plateau. The cave turned out to be an impossible maze of tunnels, likened to the system of organs in a human’s body, from which he never emerged. It is said the natural gas produced within the cavern ultimately poisoned Ordelle and did him in. (Afterwards, the limestone cavern was named "Ordelle's Caves" in his honor)

    Torresapet B. Ordelle was 35 years old when he died. On a related note, after his death, his bereaved family gained possession of the remaining maps from the cavern. Upon close examination, they discovered the location of a gold deposit and gained significant wealth thanks to Torresapet's findings.

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    天体全図 - Stellar Map ~Monsters of the Night Sky~

    The constellation of Odin sits in the Northern sky, with a black point in the middle, which marks his favorite horse, Slepnir. Other avatars include, Ifrit, Leviathan, Ramuh, Titan, Garuda, Shiva and Alexander, which are all represented by constellations. Furthermore, you can see a Chocobo and Moogle, as well as several monsters: Tonberry, Behemoth, Vulture, Bomb, and Cactuar, all represented by constellations.

    Each avatar has a named star within their constellation.
    • Ifrit - Falbub
    • Shiva - Aeomatra
    • Garuda - Vuychap
    • Titan - Daemdalus
    • Ramuh - Olduum
    • Leviathan - Veydal
    • Alexander - Gordius
    • Odin - The North Star
    ラーゴカラーゴ - Lago-Charago
    A TaruTaru who explores the stars from the top of the Opistery. He's an adventurer of the heavens and maps out the stars. "Our lives are but a moment, compared to the life of a star."
    ベヒーモス座 - Behemoth
    A large constellation in the far Northern sky. This great curve of stars is meant to represent the gargantuan Behemoth's massive horns. They say it appears as if it is about to be vanquished by Odin.
    サボテンダー座 - The Cactuar
    A cross-shaped constellation in the middle of the stellar map. Of course, this particular grouping of stars is associated with those succulent little Sabotenders that roam the desert. One time, a group of meteors was observed falling from the location of the central star and was dubbed the "Thousand Needles Shooting Star."
    死鳥座 - The Vulture
    A set of stars in the central sky shaped like the "V" of a vulture's flapping wings. One tale speaks of how the Vulture appeared when Ifrit's soul was rising into the sky through use of the sordid magic, which brought his companion to meet him.
    チョコボ座 - The Chocobo
    A large constellation in the Eastern sky. The arrangement of stars makes it easy to spot the Chocobo from any region. However, some say the Chocobo is Shiva's mount, Kanyawa, and some say it is Garuda's child, Upasha. It depends on what town you are viewing it from.
    トンベリ座 - The Tonberry
    A set of stars, visible in the Southern nighttime sky, that resemble a Tonberry. Which star represents which part is something that is debated from region to region, (probably because many don't know what a Tonberry looks like), the large knife, the lantern, and the hood are what most people know about. It is said the Tonberry is aiming for Daemdalus, the main star of Titan.
    ボム座 - The Bomb
    The Bomb is made up of three stars visible in the Southern nighttime sky. According to Sand'Orian scriptures, Ramuh awakened the Bomb by striking a mountain with his lightning bolt, engulfing it in flame and bringing fire to the people. The gods were angered by this and summoned Leviathan from the Western ocean to douse the flames, killing the inhabitants.
    モーグリ座 - The Moogle
    A small constellation in the Southern sky. The one red star that is slightly separated from the rest represents the Moogle's unique head-piece. According to a folk-tale, this Moogle is Kupilfin, and has flown towards Titan out of concern for Daemalus.

    星座の伝承 - Legends Behind the Constellations

    Shiva, the Ice Queen

    Ramuh, the Hermit

    Titan, the Legendary Giant

    Leviathan, Guardian God of the Sea

    Ifrit, Embodiment of Fire

    Garuda, the Queen of Birds

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    属性相関 - The Prime Elements

    This is a map of the relationship between the 8 varieties of energy that exist in our world. Water extinguishes Fire, Fire melts Ice, Wind erodes Earth, Earth absorbs Lightning, and Lightning electrocutes Water. Light and Darkness are different from those six in that they oppose each other. These relationships have many effects on everything from magic to synthesis.
    ジュリオ - Julio
    An alchemist with no affiliation to the guild. "People, beasts, trees, oceans and stars; they all relate to these basic 8 elements. In this world, they are all equal."

    炎 - Fire
    The energy to ignite and consume in flames.
    Effects: Virus

    氷 - Ice
    The energy to frost and freeze.
    Effects: Paralyze

    風 - Wind
    The energy to cut and slice with blades of air.
    Effects: Silence

    土 - Earth
    The energy to combine and transform.
    Effects: Petrify

    雷 - Thunder
    The energy to electrify and break apart.
    Effects: Stun

    水 - Water
    The energy to submerge and liquefy.
    Effects: Poison

    光 - Light
    The energy to revive and oppose Darkness.
    Effects: Charm

    闇 - Darkness
    The energy to curse, decompose and oppose Light.
    Effects: Blind, Curse, Sleep

    生物相関 - The Creatures of Vana'diel

    Below is one warrior's chart of the relationships between the creatures in Vana'diel. Beasts pierce Lizards with their fangs, Lizards swallow Vermin in one gulp, Vermin subsist off of Plantoids, and Plantoids disintegrate the dead flesh of Beasts.
    Birds snatch the Aquans away to die, Aquans gobble up Amorphs, and Amorphs feed off the carcasses of Birds.
    The Undead and Arcana oppose each other, as do Dragons and Demons.
    グイルボイル - Guillboire
    A warrior who stands on the veranda overlooking Southern Sand'Oria. He is an adventurer who speaks of his extensive knowledge on the creatures of the world. Understanding his research will help you see the world in a whole new light.

    獣 - Beasts - ビースト
    Rabbits, Sheep, Weapons, Coeurl, Opo-Opo and the like. They posses some kind of fur or hide and are mostly quadrupeds.

    トカゲ - Lizards - リザード
    Lizards, Raptors, Efts, Bugards, and the like. These are scaly creatures that are mostly bi-pedal.

    蟲 - Vermin - ヴァーミン
    Beetles, Flies, Scorpions, Spiders, Antlions, and the like. They are covered in a protective carapace.

    草木 - Plantoids - プラントイド
    Mandragora, Malboro, Cactuars, and the like. These creatures are grown from roots but can move around.

    鳥 - Birds - バード
    Vultures, Cockatrice, Rok, Bats, and the like. Basically, anything that can fly.

    水棲の者 - Aquans - アクアン
    Pugils, Crabs, Uragunites, and the like. These are creatures that live in the water, in lakes or oceans.

    形無き - Amorphs - アモルフ
    Slime, Hecteyes, Leeches, Worms, and the like. These are slimy things that can change their shape.

    不死の者 - Undead - アンデッド
    Skeletons, Hell Hounds, Ghosts, Corse and the like. They are dead yet continue to move and act.

    擬似生命の者 - Arcana - アルカナ
    Bombs, Cardians, Dolls, and the like. These beings are not alive, but brought into existence through magic and sorcery.

    龍 - Dragons - ドラゴン
    Wyverns, Dragons, Wyrms, and the like. They hold great power and can live incredibly long lives.

    魔人 - Demons - デーモン
    Demons and Ahrimans and the like. They are evil beings brought from another world through forbidden magic.

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    獣人分布図 - Beastmen Population Distribution

    オーク族 - Orcs
    Orcs occupy much of the Northern part of Quon, ranging from Norvallen, through Northern Zulkheim and much of Ronfaure.

    クゥダフ族 - Quadav
    The Quadav occupy Derfland, Southern Zulkheim, and the Gustaberg region.

    ヤグード族 - Yagudo
    The Yagudo cover much of Mindartia, occupying Aragoneu, Kolshushu and Sarutabaruta.

    ゴブリン族 - Goblins
    These unique creatures live all across Vana'diel, making camp in both Beastman territories and human cities.

    サハギン族 - Sahagin
    Sahagin live in the Western part of Elshimo island. A few have tried to migrate to the main continents, but due to the poor water quality and pollution, the majority remain on the island.

    アンティカ族 - Antica
    Situated to the East of Quon on the island of Kuzotz, the Antica built a massive empire out of the heart of ancient Galkan cities.

    トンベリ族 - Tonberries
    Tonberries live in the jungles of the Eastern part of Elshimo island. There have been alleged sightings of Tonberries way off in Norvallen and Fauregandi, but most accounts are yet to be confirmed.

    巨大族 - Gigas
    These massive beasts were hired soldiers during the Great War, and they continue to oppose mankind in every region. Their main forces are located on Qufim island, but Gigas can also be found scattered amongst a variety of areas.

    デーモン族 - Demons
    Currently, Demons appear in the Valdeaunia region. No beastmen have formerly lived in that region, but recently the Shadow Lord has gathered many Demons there to assist him.

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    Pictures are uploading... I'll unlock the thread after they're done.

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    Very good read. One thing I found interesting was the mention of horses. If they really exist in Vana D'iel then I'd imagine they'd have to be more desirable war animals for riding.

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    A. Body
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    I think it has less to do with desirability and more to do with availability. Chocobos are popular in the middle lands because that's where they come (well, came) from. Beastmen ride lizards and such because that's what they have access to. Odin rides Sliepnir because he was the best mount he could get his hands on.

    Also, most of the pics aren't working, Elmer. :/

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    S N K
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    A lot of the images are dead now. I'm curious if you're also going to add the "New" Monuments which were apparently destroyed in the Crystal War and found with the release of Wings of the Goddess.

    Did the Selbina Clay quest even go about being updated for these "missing" monuments that appeared?

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    They were never live. This topic has only ever had the first 5 pictures

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