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    Xbox on Apple Cinema Display

    I have been playing around with the idea of getting this to work. I have browsed the internet and found very little.

    Has anyone been able to use their Apple Cinema HD display with their Xbox 360?

    I have the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cables right now. I have a DVI to VGI converter but the ones that comes with Xbox and the Mac are both male plugs.

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    The issue is that, to my knowledge, the Apple display only accepts DVI-D(igital) connections, and VGA would send an analog signal.

    HDMI-DVI to the apple cinema would work, but VGA never would unless you bought a (fairly expensive) video processing unit to convert the signal.

    Edit: Actually looked up the tech specs and I was correct, VGA-DVI is impossible without a video processing unit.

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    I hate my 360, all slow and pointless.

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