It has come to our attention today (9/9/ 08, that the PHPbb databases were accessed in an unauthorized fashion. We have confirmed that when we were PHPbb2 that the database was definitely compromised. When we split from we upgraded to PHPbb3 which we are not definite on whether it was compromised or not.

When we switched to VB, all users were required to change their password, an entirely new database, using VB encryption, was created. After researching various exploits, we have discovered that regardless of forum access, if they knew what they were doing, they could hack it. This is a fault in the PHPbb coding. VB are encrypted in an entirely different method, the difference in coding and considerably more frequent updates leave it less likely to be compromised and significantly more secure.

However, we are not invincible, there will always be people out there who can find exploits. The best we can do for you is tell you that your forum password should never be the same as any of your other passwords. We want to reiterate this fact now, in light of the circumstances we have discovered today.