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    [Diabolos-->Bahamut] Sazii

    [Diabolos-->Bahamut] Sazii
    In-game name on Bahamut : Sazii
    Jobs at 75 : RNG, RDM, PLD, DRG
    From USA and female.
    Was in Noob Linkshell.
    Same name on Diabolos was Sazii.
    There was already a background check 2 weeks ago about this person.
    Told us she is 22, said in application to another LS she is 27. Could have been a typo also.

    Does this information help anyone already to provide any good or bad feedback?


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    she was in my sky LS for a brief moment on bahamut. very nice person and knows her job well. i think she is currently in med school or nursing school so she didnt show up to many events. maybe she has more time to play now after final exams.

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    was in my LS for like 5 minutes also. came to like 1 limbus and 1 salvage.

    rdm delevelled to 74.

    they need to make up their mind which ls they want to join rly

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    That name rings a bell, what linkshell were they in?

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