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    Old news, and SE's old dissapointment at work.

    Dear Square Enix, nyzul at primetime is a disaster. please fix kthx?

    or at the very least implement a queuing system so the people whove only waited 5 minutes as opposed to your half hour, do not get in before you. twice.

    It is absolute gross incompetence that you invented a Weapon skill quest that requires you to have either an insane amount of time on your hands to do the quest, or have to do nyzul isle and not compensate for it. I dont mind doing nyzul honestly. I love it. However, trying to get into nyzul isle for a half an hour, ending up in break is akin to your other dissapointments, like droprates which require a pop item - Swift belt for instance.

    Perhaps you havent noticed, but waiting at a runic seal for what is as i am typing this going on 45 minutes, is highly unacceptable. I can stand waiting at an NM for 3 hours and 10 minutes, cause i know its going to pop at least and i can go on my way if i lose.

    for an overpriced monthly fee and a hit series at your disposal, you think you could buy some decent servers.


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    welcome to jp primetime on saturday night

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    Please paste your topic to the link in my quote. This is not SE's forum , they do read this but they will not likely take action to forum posts, especially on boards that are not officially affiliated with them. Allakhazam/Wikia boards are, and they do take comments posted in their suggestion box.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hanyoko View Post
    Dont forget, many of the things suggested should be submitted to SE's standard comment/suggestion channel. Posting on the forums will most likely never have it reach SE.
    Email Support -> Comments & Suggestions

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