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    Anyone familiar with electronic locks or the doors of a Focus ZX3?

    So here is my deal: I'm walking to my car and I use the keyless entry to unlock my doors. When I get in, i relock my doors and the lights dim and only my drivers side locks. So I try again and I smell something burning and not the electronic locks dont work at all. Not the ones on the doors, my trunk button, keyless remote, nothing. I'm thinking you know this isnt a big deal cause I can just use my key. Well this worked fine until something happened with my passenger side door and now it wont come unlocked and I cant open it.

    More or less, I'm looking for tips or advice on how to atleast get my door working again, not so much the elctronic locks. I'd rather do it myself if it's possible. The first thing I checked of course was the fuses in the dash and under the hood. Any real help is greatly appreciated.

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    Get a new keyless entry installed. Take it to a trustworthy car audio shop, they should be able to do it. Probably won't cost much more than a hundred bucks or so. Or, you could take it to the factory and get robbed.

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    Year of the vehicle?

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