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    Experience with 8800GTX at 1920x1200

    Hey folks.

    Recently upgraded my primary monitor from a 20" running 1680x1050 to a 26" running 1920x1200, and I was curious if anyone else had experience driving that native resolution with a single 8800GTX.

    I've fooled around with FFXI and L4D, but haven't really explored a lot beyond that (just reformatted/reWindoze'd, still reinstalling games and such).

    In general I like to run moderate-to-high FSAA and AF (generally at least 4-8xAA, 8-16xAF, consider 4xAA/8xAF a normal minimum) except in situations where there in no perceivable benefit to running either at high settings, or, rarely, at all.

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    For left 4 dead expect around 40--45fps (8x AA) at those settings. Of course this is just a guide line though.

    If you drop to 4x AA you'll be above 60fps again.

    For the newer Call of Duty games you should be able to stay above 60fps at 2x AA but it might struggle more at 4x or higher. (dropping to 50-55fps (4x AA) then lower to 40-45 for 8x AA)

    Crysis Warhead was around 45 fps for me on Gamer mode with 0x AA at 1920x1200

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