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    Overclocking Xp windows Media center 64x2 Amd Help please.

    Hello everyone i just got a new build pc and well i tryed to play ffxi and i get really weak Fps on it. here are my specs.

    AMD64 X2 4200+ Dual Core Processor
    2GB Dual Channel DDR2-800
    Western Digital 250GB SATA-II Hard Drive
    20X DVD-RW w/Lightscribe Technology
    Hybrid CrossfireX Technology
    ATI Radeon 3200 512MB Onboard Video
    ATI Radeon 3650 512MB Discrete Video
    Both ATI cards combined in Crossfire
    22-in-1 Flash Media Reader
    RAID 0/1 Capable
    Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN
    1 x 1394a Firewire Port
    1 x eSATA Port
    4 x USB 2.0 Ports (Expandable to 12)
    (1) x16 PCI-e / (1) x1 PCI-e / (2) PCI
    Supports ATI Hybrid Crossfire
    7.1 Channel High Definition Audio
    HDMI or DVI Output Supported
    HDCP Compliant
    Standard VGA Output
    S/PDIF Optical Audio Output
    Dual BIOS Technology

    i look at my system properties and it shows 210 Mhz. i would like to try to overclock it so i can speed up the Cpu so maybe that can help. if not then any advice?
    on my Ati video card the catlyse shows for it at Gpu 725mhz and memory 400mhz . is this the problem?
    please help me. i tryed looking at forums for over clocking but i dont know where to find the fsb info and ratio info and to set at the correct multiplyier.
    im at work atm so i cant really get into specs that shows on the bios till i get home later.
    i tryed to overdrive the video card and seem to be stable at 28-29.2 fps in a meripo but then crashed out and closed ffxi and send me to desktop.
    also note this is my Mobo: GA-MA78GM-S2HP(rev2.1). if this helps.

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    Here's a good link for overclocking AM2's - OC'ing an AM2: An update to Easy 1, 2, 3, Overclocking ... - Overclockers Forums

    If you're using 'catalyst overdrive' then the crashing is pretty much normal. Back it down from what it gives you as maximum settings. I'm not positive what version of 'overdrive' you're using, but it's not the best way to overclock gpu's. It does work for a simple gui, but it really should just be used for upping the fanspeed.

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    thanks i see that intel and Amd are diff when it comes to overclocking.
    or maybe im just reading it wrong.

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