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    Gave 5$ to bg and all I could think of was this lousy title.

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    Updating Nvidia drivers

    So, for the past 6 months i've had this problem when booting my PC, it would sometimes just shut itself down right as it finished booting. It was kind of annoying but I didn't know wtf it was so I just dealt with it.

    I now figured it was my videocard drivers being too old (or at least I think, but there are newer ones available than what I was using) so I used a program called driver cleaner to remove everything nvidia related, rebooted, installed new ones, rebooted and now PC loaded, it's working. Except that as it finished loaded, I got an windows error message saying this

    Error (in the blue bar)
    Fail (the grey text)
    Ok (my only option)

    So i'm like, yea windows, I totally agree with you. This is FAIL. So here I am, begging for assistance. For some reason now when I scroll on webpages, instead of well "scrolling" the page dissapear for a milisecond and reapears scrolled down.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    -a desperate noob.

    EDIT: I tried to do it again it case it missed something, now my fucking router won't work. It's not even fucking related, I hate technology.

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    Driver Cleaner is a recreation on an old program, so I know that it's good. The original program I believe is still available just no longer free to use.

    What it sounds like, from how I read your post, is that rather than uninstalling your drivers you used DH/DC to wipe them out. If this is the case... ya put the horse behind the carriage mate. You uninstall your drivers, then you reboot (some will say into safe mode, others say it doesn't really matter, I haven't yet noticed a difference either way) and run DH/DC to wipe out any registry that gets left behind bla bla bla (Windows sucks at cleaning up after itself), then you reboot, install new drivers, and reboot again to have them take effect.

    Honestly, I'm not sure how to tell you to go about fixing that. I'd personally say start with uninstalling the drivers the proper way, then using DH/DC, then reinstalling, and see if that doesn't fix your problem. If no, then go through the process again, but use different drivers. If you can't use the vanilla drivers for some reason try using OmegaDrivers or DNA Drivers. If that doesn't work.... yeah, that's probably a reformat.

    This sorta reminds me of the story from several years ago of a Spanish teacher that deleted MSDOS off a computer thinking it was a teaching program from another person.... ya, that went over real swell too.

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    Gave 5$ to bg and all I could think of was this lousy title.

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    Please define proper way?

    Configuration pannel - Add detele programs - Nvidia drivers - reboot
    Load driver cleaner, erase everything nvidia related (like this?)

    Reboot - install new drivers?

    By the way, no idea what those are
    If you can't use the vanilla drivers for some reason try using OmegaDrivers or DNA Drivers
    I have a Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS if it matters.

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    Just to be sure for the middle step I'd boot into safe mode, though it's probably unnecessary.

    As for the Omega or DNA drivers:
    download from Guru3D.com

    I'm sure there's other places to get it from but that's one I know of. There's all kinds of both drivers on there.

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    Omega Drivers

    Do Not Argue Drivers

    Go to Control Panel > System > Device Manager.

    Expand Display Adapters.

    Right click > Uninstall. If given the option to remove drivers as well, say yes. This will prevent Windows from reinstalling them automatically on reboot if any instances remain behind.

    Your screen will probably flicker a bit, possibly black out completely for a few, and you'll have to wait, but eventually it'll clear up. It'll tell you to restart. Restart your computer.

    Here is where you make your choice. Safe Mode or Not. Either way, doesn't really matter unless you want to be really really sure everything gets gone, then use Safe Mode. When Windows reloads, use DH/DC to clean your system of everything nVidia graphic related. Reboot.

    Install your new drivers.

    Reboot again.

    When you return to Windows this time all should be well. If not, the driver is not compatible with your device/system or your system is screwed up and won't accept the proper settings/configurations to allow the driver to work. Let us know which happens.

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    Gave 5$ to bg and all I could think of was this lousy title.

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    Ok I tried that and when I rebooted at the end it still gave me the error message, but now my desktop is in 800x600 and pages scroll fine I guess that's a step in the right direction... I hope.

    EDIT: Hmm, I didn't rebooted after running DC in safe mode, does it matters?

    EDIT 2: I adjusted my desktop to 1280x1024 and webpages are still scrolling fine, and FFXI is running fine so I guess problem is solved even though it's still broken.

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