Okay. I've had FFXI installed on my 120GB xbox 360 hard drive for a long time now (used to be on old HD that I got with my 360 at launch, I've transferred everything to the new drive since then). Then, all of a sudden, I get the Red Ring of Death. So I send it in to get fixed (4th time now), get it back and go try to play again. At first when I say "Play from harddrive" it tells me it's not same console or whatever, so I delete and install the disk to the HD again, and then it tries to work.

It seems like it's launching POL, but then it says it couldn't play the game. So I try again and POL pops up with the message "was not closed out properly", so I'm getting further. I say to start POL and then it says it can't play game again, so next time the "was not closed out properly" message comes up, I do a reinstall of POL, and that finally works out. POL updates and I go to launch FFXI, now IT won't load. God I'm pissed. I shouldn't have had to reinstall anything anyway because it was already all on the hard drive (M$ didn't fix that, just the console)

So, I decide to bite the bullet and reinstall FFXI and all the expansions (I have 2 disks: 1st one from years ago with everything up to ToAU, 2nd one with WotG exp). I load up POL and instead of logging in, I hit "Install" and it loads the installation process. I choose the "preserve system files" option (something like that) to keep my macros intact and it starts the hour-long installation of everything except WotG.

It gets down to 7 MINUTES and quits. Just says "Installation failed, cancelling installation". I've tried about 5 times now and it gets to 7 minutes every time and fails. I really don't know what to do. Now when I put in the disk it pops up the message "Do you want to install FFXI now?" so I know it uninstalled it. But it just won't finish the installation. Has anyone had a similar error on the 360? I don't know what to do

Thanks in advance