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    Quote Originally Posted by Bilopdop View Post
    When is ARR slated to be released? Did they shut down FFXIV servers?

    Sorry, have not really kept up with this game since I have never had a PC to play it. If I have some time until release I may just save up for a better PC.

    Right now I have these specs:
    AMD FX4100 quad core processor 3.6GH
    8GB RAM
    AMD Radeon 6670 1GB
    480W PSU

    Are there maybe a few upgrades I can make that would have been able to play 1.0 or would I need overall a new PC?
    I don't see why that wouldn't play 1.0...you can download the 1.0 benchmark to see...but you should have been fine.

    As far as ARR, you can just get that benchmark when it's available and go from there. I wouldn't build anything now, as anything you buy now will be half the price when ARR actually comes out.

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    I ran the Benchmark and scored 1874 on low settings and 1047 on high settings.

    If it will not be released until few months into 2013 I will definitely hold out on buying any upgrades to try to play 2.0.

    I really enjoyed FFXI, but never had a chance to play FFXIV. Although I heard a lot of bad things about it I am sure I would have still enjoyed it.

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    There's no reason whatsoever for people to still be running the 1.0 benchmark, 2.0 is going to be on a completely different engine.

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