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    Looking for advice on a magical bunny

    So while firing pics searching for something else i got a wierd rabbit:

    standard bunny War/-- but with innates of "Fire Attack Bonus" & "Magic Attack +15%"

    Any advice on how to make best use of this bunny? Will have an additional 90 Fp's at level 50.

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    Short Answer : Toss it and make more till you get better innates.

    Long Answer : Bunnies have no fire attacks that I know of so the fire attack bonus is useless, and unless for some crazy reason you want to try and make a caster bunny the MAB does nothing either. If you want to make people laugh though you could put "Job Trait: BLM, Main Job: BLM, & Black Magic Scrolls" on it lol, people would freak out when they saw a casting bunny! I doubt it'd be overly effective but it would be pretty funny.

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