I always play FFXI on my laptop. I've owned 3 Sony laptops and never had any FFXI performence issues until I made my most recent (about a year ago) upgrade to a Sony Vaio SZ-270:

- Intel® Core Duo 2 Processor T8300 2.4GHz; 3MB
- 13.3" WXGA LED Backlit XBRITE LCD (1280 x 800)
- 3GB DDR2 Memory P1 Promo(4GB Max)
- NVIDIA® GeForceM Go 8400GS & Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100

To my surprise FFXI ran like crap right out of the box. After doing a bit of reading on the internets I found out that Vista + Nvidia Laptop Card + FFXI = fail. I tried many drivers until I found one that was the least crappy. My older laptops that had less powerful vid cards and processors ran FFXI better, but I have learned to live with my crappy performence.

Before I move on to my real question, has anyone found a set of drivers or a fix that might address the general suckage of FFXI on my laptop?

My real question is, has anyone with a similar setup tried playing FFXI on Windows7? If so, what's the dill ? What drivers are you using and such ?

Thanks in advance!