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    Service and Support

    Not sure where to post this since there's no non-advanced section. They've changed the format of the service and support part of the playonline website and I cant find the phone number to contact customer service. Anyone have it written down anywhere>?

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    Playonline US Information Center Phone # is 1-858-790-7529. If you need EU or JP service center, I'm afraid I don't know them.

    I have it in my cell's phonebook from when I got hacked a year ago ~_~.

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    Thank you ^.^

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    Trying to call them, but it keeps going to the business hours recording asking me to call back even though im calling during business hours. Today a holiday or something?

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    Nevermind, time zone difference, duh...

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    It's like they changed the page specifically to make it harder to navigate...

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    In order to get the number/start chat or e-mail support you have to type your issue into that strange little box they have to type in issues on the Final Fantasy XI section of the website, then click Next twice to skip over the automated answers.

    (Had to figure this out yesterday, seemed like I had got hacked but it was just my computer fucking up. )

    If anyone is having trouble with this, you go here:, type in your issue, then click Next twice.

    Personally I think the new method of support is poorly organised and it's hard to actually get help, but they responded much faster than they usually do.

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    You guys do realize that the person who answers the phone is going to tell you to visit the customer support web site, thank you for your time, and then hang up, right?

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    I still dont get how to submit to the STF with the new setup.