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    Best (Preferably Free?) Program to Convert .divx to .avi?

    So I downloaded a slew of videos over the past week and just realized a ton of them are .divx format- my normal google whoring has ended with about six new conversion programs, all of which claim to convert 'divx to dvd', when in reality they convert .avi's, which I now have about ten programs total for. Furthermore, a few of them are 'try before you buy' 'we'll convert ten seconds of video for you, but no more!' versions that obviously are of little to no use.

    I need a way to at least get these .divx into .avi format, where I could stream/send them to my PS3 and watch them that way; ideally, finding a way to direct burn them onto a DVD would be best, as I could then take the DVD's anywhere, but I'm not too picky. I just want a way to do something with these .divx files rather than sit at my monitor watching them.

    Any help appreciated!

    Edit: With some more reading, I guess .divx is just a modified .avi format, and simply changing the extension to .avi will cause most players to recognize and play it.. I'll give it a go and see if this works. If not (or I guess, even if so?) I guess it would still be handy to have a converter that would completely convert it so there's no 'maybe' to it? I feel silly.

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    I'm pretty sure convert x to dvd does convert divx files too. If want to burn stuff to DVD VSO's convert x to dvd is the best!

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    Use SUPER, it's in the sticky at the top of free apps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norellicus View Post
    Use SUPER, it's in the sticky at the top of free apps
    What he said. SUPER is a great program.

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    I waited 8 years and this was my post

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulakrantz View Post
    A program called VideoSolo Free Video Converter is free and converts .divx to .avi easily. My friend shared it with me. After tried once, I love it. You can download it for a try. After all, it is free.
    Only 8 years and some change late with that advice.

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