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    Radeon x5700 Drivers..

    Tried the search and nothing.
    Does anyone know a good driver to use for this card to get XI working? I'm running XP at the moment but going to upgrade to windows 7 shortly.

    Currently using version 8.671.0.0, which gives horrible results.

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    Have you tried simply updating the driver to the ones on amd's site? Like here: http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_ca...=xp/radeonx-xp ? It's version 9.11.
    Of course, only guessing the card mentioned is one of the newer series that was just released.

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    I'm using Catalyst 9.11 with a 5770 on Windows 7 Pro. No apparent issues. One thing I do after uninstalling old drivers is run a program like DriverCleaner or DriverSweeper in Safe Mode to eliminate any leftover traces. Then I reboot and load the new drivers. I think it's helped keep my machine running smoothly. Can't say I've had much trouble with display drivers.

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