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    Avast! Antivirus...

    Recently, after my computer updated my Avast! antivirus, it started flagging some programs that I've used for a long time and other people probably use. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem with the program? A couple of my friends are having similar issues, but it might be related because we've been connected through Skype a lot recently.

    Programs flagged:
    Spybot Search and Destroy

    It's acting really buggy, and I'm wondering if it's a heuristics glitch, or some kinda bug that we got through skype. Ive used Avast for a few years now with no problems, and suggested it to my friends instead of AVG, Trend Micro, or Norton, which I've found to be a hindrance more than they help. This behavior is very uncharacteristic of the program... again, anyone else having problems with this program recently?

    EDIT: Finally got Avast's cardboard box of a forum server to respond... There's a decent thread stating that the program was borked with one of the more recent updates. Anyone who's running this software should be aware that Avast may make your OS unbootable if you restart it with the borked update installed.
    Please see: http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=51623.0

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    Someone on another forum said the update is very buggy and can cause serious harm to your comp. So I'd uninstall Avast and use something else until the problem is resolved.

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    I had the same thing, the latest update caused my kmplayer's about.dll to be flagged as a trojan. restarting the computer seemed to fix it for me though lol, no more issues. running win7 x64. it didn't flag windower as a virus for me however

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