So I have x2 of these figures from Blizzcon. Both are in mint condition, box never opened. I don't know if these will ever really be a collectors item but here is Blizzard's speal about them:

"Go big or go home! The StarCraft II "Raynor" figure found exclusively in this year's goody bag represents the first in an elite line of n00bz, a new series of customizable and collectible Blizzard Entertainment-inspired designer vinyl toys. Complete with oversized Gauss rifle accessory, Raynor stands at a massive 6.25 inches tall and sports his signature StarCraft II battlesuit, a BlizzCon '09 shoulder mark, Easter-egg Horde and Diablo III symbols, nine points of articulation, and comes packaged in a four-color collector’s edition box. The “Raynor” figure is not for sale and is found only in this year’s goody bag!"

Anyway, I know people were trying to sell the entire grab bags for big $$$ shortly after Blizzcon, but I dunno how many people are that crazy to go for it.(This was a sad replacement for last year's SC2 beta keys imo) I figure I'd just offer these up for the same price as the non-exclusive Noobz figures of $25 each. Buyer can pay via paypal or check/money order. Buyer pays for shipping (I would reccoment UPS on this so it can be tracked). Please PM if interested in 1 or both.

I'd post photos but you can google this thing just as easily.