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    1080p monitor and PS3

    I'm looking for a good 1080p monitor that I could hook a PS3 up to. My real question is though, can I hook up a PS3 to said monitor and play it without any problems straight from my desktop? I've seen one device that lets you hook up lots of systems to your computer but I forgot the name of it. Does anyone here know what I'm talking about?

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    if you mean a switch for hdmi connections i'm sure they are out there and work (although some reviews have said the ps3 only worked in one certain connection, but i can't remember the brand or model, sorry -- edit: http://www.amazon.com/HM-501-5-PORT-.../dp/B000FHQMFK was the one i was thinking of)

    i run my ps3 through hdmi directly to a 23" hp 1080p monitor, and my xbox 360/pc are on a kvm switch to the vga port. everything works perfectly with just about no tweaking needed at all except for the system settings in the ps3 putting audio & video to hdmi. hopefully that answers your first question.

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    To hook stuff up to the computer itself (not just monitor) you can use a tv tuner type device. I haven't checked, but it's probably expensive for a 1080p tuner. With this, you can input video from any source, through your computer, to your monitor in a window; usually used for video recording.

    Otherwise yeah, some LCD monitors come with an HDMI port itself.

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    Keep in mind with a tuner you're almost always going to find a latency problem; playing through my old tuner I had ~2s latency, which, even for single player games, is pretty ridiculous to the point of unplayable.

    Lately I've been playing with my PS3 using HDMI hooked up to a DVI adapter, as my monitor has no HDMI ports. You'll obviously have to do your audio separately

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    HDMI on monitors is becoming more common, and if you have that the PS3 should work just fine on it. So if you're shopping, just get one with that on it and you should be set. You should also be able to get a 16:10 monitor (1920x1200) and just have black bars on the top and bottom. I've used my 360 on my 24" monitor via HDMI with no issues.

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    I'm looking at this monitor currently. Any one have one, or used one? Any comments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowhusky View Post

    I'm looking at this monitor currently. Any one have one, or used one? Any comments?
    I have 2 of these monitors running dual screen set-ups. I am in love, awesome monitors for the price with amazing picture. Would recommend +1

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